Jan 12, 2015

Where do homeowners turn for DIY inspiration? One of the most popular standards has been PBS’s This Old House, which is celebrating 35 years of being the longest-running and largest home improvement show on television. Emmy-nominated host Kevin O'Connor has been on the front lines for many of the funniest and most memorable shows throughout their history. This Old House was the first of its kind and still holds the largest numbers of viewers. They expanded their scope to include a magazine and web site full of helpful archived articles on everything from fixing a disaster to making your space sparkle.

Here are three timely ideas that will help readers get into the home improvement spirit in 2015. 

1. How To Build A Better Chicken Coop - That's right, backyard chicken-keeping is a growing trend, even in Oklahoma City. With organic all the rage, one can't get more free-range that simply walking out of the back door for fresh eggs for your omelet. Yet you don't want an unsightly chicken coop to ruin the aesthetic of your property. Find out how to create an attractive chicken coop for up to three hens here.

2. How To Stop Cold Air Leaks In Winter - Brrr. Oklahoma has seen its share of Old Man Winter this season, and he's likely to hang out for awhile. “This Old House” provides ways to keep your home warm (and save on energy costs) by fixing cold air links with this helpful video.

3. Start The new Year With An Organized Closet - If one of your New Year's resolutions is to learn how to control clutter chaos, why not start with the room where you start and end your day – your closet? No need to wait for spring cleaning. An organized closet not only saves time and stress in the mornings, but it becomes an oasis away from a hectic home schedule. Get the know-how here.

With hundreds of helpful articles covering indoors and out, readers are sure to find what they are looking for to tackle home improvement projects in the new year. Get more tips and lessons at this year’s Oklahoma City Home + Garden Show, January 16-18 at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Kevin will share more memorable moments live at the show, and homeowners can learn the latest trends, innovative ideas and expert remodeling and gardening tips. Don't have tickets yet? Get 2-for-1 tickets on our Facebook Ticket Deals.    

JANUARY 16 - 18, 2015.