Feb 11, 2015

If the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach we’ve got just what you need to be feeling the love this weekend! To help celebrate Valentine’s Day we’ve created a list of the most adorable treats to serve your loved ones on the 14th. When you think about it, what says I love you better than a homemade meal or dessert? Try making any one of these 10 delectable dishes for Saturday and you’ll have your Valentine eating out of the palm of your hand.

1. Cheesecake Conversation Hearts - There's nothing wrong with getting a little cheesy on Valentine's Day. These delicious cheesecake conversation hearts will say all you want to.

2. Heart-Shaped Bacon - Don't go bacon our hearts this Valentine's Day. Cook up some heart-shaped bacon instead!

Image via The Paper Mama

3. Jell-o Cookies - These cookies are sure to break the mold! Light, colorful, and fun, these are a great Vday snack!

Image via Just Helen

4. Heart-Shaped Rice Krispies - Does your loved one have a gluten allergy? They don't have to miss out on the Valentine's Day treats! Make them some of these heart-shaped Rice Krispies!

5. Cupcakes On Cupcakes - We know this isn't the most Valentine's Day themed food on our list, but we're seriously loving how creative this treat is and you get to eat two cupcakes! Top that!

Image via All Recipes

6. Heart-Shaped Ravioli - If you're planning a romantic dinner, try serving these heart-shaped ravioli! The extra effort will go a long way!

Image via Annie's Eats

7. Strawberry Rose - Would a rose made out of any other fruit taste as sweet? Maybe, but it certainly wouldn't look as good!

8. Cherry Tomato Heart - This cute, healthy snack is a great treat to serve on Valentine's Day!

Image via Eye Candy

9. Egg Pizza - What an egg-cellent way to say Happy Valentine's Day!

10. Cinnamon Bun Hearts - One word: YUM!

Image via Pillsbury

Wherever you are, whatever you end up doing, we hope you and your loved ones have a special and happy Valentine's Day!