Feb 6, 2015

We're thrilled to have nationally recognized design/build contractor and Canadian television personality, Ramsin Khachi, joining us at The Great Big Home + Garden Show. Ramsin is renowned for generating creative solutions to problems facing the modern-day client. This design expert helps others achieve timeless, elegant, and uniquely customized spaces. We caught up with Ramsin briefly before the show and asked for his take on today's design trends. Read on and his enjoy his interesting perspective.

Today we are continually bombarded with trends and fads driven by the media's recurrent pursuit of new content. It's a persistent process that can ultimately leave us questioning our investments and improvements in our homes. If I had to believe heavily in design trends, I'd say the hottest trend today is to not be trendy. The vast amount of design content available to us in the media and online has made us more confident as consumers and puts us more in touch with and makes us more proud of our personal tastes and styles. We're not afraid to make our spaces reflect our own personalities.

What I do strongly believe in is lifestyle trends. Our lifestyles have changed greatly in the past several decades. We lead busy lives, we travel more, we entertain differently, and the last thing we'd want is a home that takes up any of our most precious commodity: time. We want spaces that enhance our lifestyles - like separate mudrooms and laundry rooms, wine cellars, media rooms, useable garages, and innovative storage spaces. We look for products that work for us so that we don't find ourselves constantly working around an item's limitations. Products that can deliver performance like Cambria's non-staining and durable Quartz countertops, Schulter's superior shower waterproofing system, or Blum's ingenious cabinet hardware.

In the future, I look forward to builder's fulfilling our needs better and creating homes that meet our current and future demands. Homes that are better built, more conductive to current lifestyles, and homes that help us enjoy living our lives rather than creating more work for us.

Presented by Cambria, Ramsin Khachi will grace the Main Stage at The Great Big Home + Garden Show Friday, February 6th at 5pm and Saturday, February 7th at 2pm. Don't miss this design darling - get your tickets early to avoid box office lines and secure your spot at the show. Right now you can get 2-for-1 tickets on Facebook.

FEBRUARY 6 - 15, 2015.