Feb 2, 2015

Do you have a favorite restaurant meal? How would you like to be able to make that same meal at home? Todd Wilbur, a self-proclaimed "food hacker" can help you do just that. Armed with only an acute sense of taste and smell he spends hours and days dissecting and reverse-engineering famous foods in order to bring the best possible clone recipes to the masses.

Todd will be sharing some of his favorite recipes at The Great Big Home + Garden Show, presented by Carrier, on Thursday, February 12 and Friday, February 13. But before you see him at the show, get to know him a little better in our interview below.

Marketplace Events (MPE): If you weren't a cooking expert, what would you be?
  • Todd Wilbur (Todd): "Underpaid TV News Reporter. Because that's what I was before this."
MPE: Have you had a "favorite moment" on your show? Tell us about it and what makes it so special.
  • Todd: "When an old friend of Colonel Sanders whispered to me one secret ingredient in the chicken recipe. He thought it was a private moment but our cameras caught it all. This was on the pilot and it helped me land the series."
MPE: What inspires you?
  • Todd: "Creative people with years and years of success, doing what they love."
MPE: What's one thing we wouldn't guess about you?
  • Todd: "I won $65,000 in cash and prizes on a TV game show called Break The Bank. Lived off that for a year."
MPE: What's your go-to dish to serve at a dinner party?
  • Todd: "Most likely any clone that I was hacking earlier that day."
Learn more about Todd by visiting his website and following him on Twitter and Facebook. Buy your tickets early to see him on the Main Stage during The Great Big Home + Garden Show! Right now you can get 2-for-1 tickets on our Facebook Ticket Deals.

FEBRUARY 6 - 15, 2015.