Feb 27, 2015

We're so excited to have Leanne Lee, the Diva of DIY and our 2015 Home + Garden Trendsetter, joining us at the Jacksonville Home + Patio Show, March 5-8 at the Prime Osborn Center. Leanne has a gift for turning trash into treasure and seeing the potential in used items, regardless of their condition. She can do things with paint and fabric that we can only dream of - until now! Leanne will be sharing her DIY secrets at the show and she's let us in on her thrift store style. Read on to learn what she looks for at a consignment shop and how you can start dumpster diving like a pro!

"One of my favorite 'hobbies' is heading to my local ReStore and finding treasures to upcycle for my home. This is a great way to redecorate without breaking the bank. For those of you who are not families with the term 'upcycling', it means simply taking something and making it better. This can be done with paint, upholstery, add-ons, etc.

If you have yet to step foot into your local ReStore, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other thrift store, please visit one soon. Even if you don't purchase anything, you can get an idea of what is available for pennies on the dollar. Then, the next time you're working on a project you'll know where to head for the pieces you need!

One of my favorite items at the ReStore is old cabinet doors and drawers. There are so many projects that you can create with these, like Chalkboards, Under-Bed Storage, and Serving Trays.

You'll also find shelves and shelves of 'knick-knacks'. You might find some that are beautiful just the way they are, but it's likely that you'll also come across some that have seen some wear and tear. Don't let that put you off, most can be easily updated. I like to update figurines with spray paint, but there are lots of routes you can go.

I'm also willing to bet that you'll find Christmas ornaments. Try upcycling these into Decorative Balls. They can be pretty costly at the home decor store, but you can make them at a fraction of the cost when you upcycle!

Believe it or not...brass is coming back! Not buying it? You can use silver or gold to update the look of junky thrift store candles. Check out what I did with some here.

What about glass jugs, vases, vessels, decanters, and more? Try making a lamp!

And then there's the furniture section. This is the first place I head when I walk into my local thrift shops. You never know what you will find! In fact, I recently came across this desk. It was $10 and I had to have it. While I wasn't necessarily looking for one, I knew it could be great. The structure of the desk was in excellent condition - sure the rest of it had seen better days, but that's what made it so inexpensive. Do you see the detail on the desk and the curves it has? It's going to be stunning with a little bit of effort and some paint!

One of the projects that I'm so glad to have been a part of was the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Tiny House. I decorated the entire Tiny House with items from the ReStore and it turned out amazing! Want to learn more about this not-so-tiny undertaking? Visit to get all the gory details."

Get more advice, ideas, and inspiration when you see Leanne at the Jacksonville Home + Patio Show. The home and garden event of the season takes over the Prime Osborn Center march 5-8, 2015. Buy your tickets early to avoid box office lines and get the best deals - right now you can get 2-for-1 tickets on Facebook. Bring a friend or family member to the show; we can't wait to see you there!

MARCH 5 - 8, 2015.