Mar 25, 2015

The annual Ottawa Home & Garden Show will be taking over the EY Centre from March 26-29, 2015, and with this event comes the latest in home and gardening tips, tricks, and products. Check out a sneak peek at some of the hottest products we'll be showcasing at the event.

Stone Deck Landscapes' Silca System

Stone Deck Landscapes launched their Silca System in May 2014, allowing you to use stone as never before. This system transforms a wood or composite deck into a maintenance-free living space.

The Silca System is ideal for applications where lumber or composite lumber would have otherwise been the only choice. When connected to wood floor joists, Silca grates provide a substructure (subfloor) for a wide variety of decking materials: stone, brick pavers, travertine pavers, marble, granite, and more. Since it's engineered for strength and easy installation, this durable deck flooring makes it possible for a DIY homeowner, as well as deck architects/designers/builders, to create a new, exciting deck! At the end of the day, the Silca System enhances your outdoor living experience with an attractive, long-lasting, low-maintenance deck. Check out a video demonstrating the innovative new product here.

A special price will be offered at the Ottawa Home & Garden Show. Make sure to check out Stone Deck Landscapes in Booth #2106.

Capital UAV's Aerial Photos

Capital UAV is a newly formed business that provides clients with high quality aerial video and photos by using remote-controlled unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). Capital UAV works with either businesses or individuals who are looking to use the unique vantages provided through the use of UAVs on all sorts of projects.

Contractors are able to showcase their completed projects. Realtors can add to their listings and portfolios. Homeowners or Home Inspectors can use UAVs for inspections of structures that would usually require ladders or lifts.

Pella Windows' Insynctive Technology

Pella Windows' Insynctive Technology was launched in January 2015. For added security, comfort, and convenience, Pella now offers a family of smart products to manage your windows, window treatments, and doors remotely from home or on the go. Pella offers window and door, garage door, and entry door deadbolt sensors which communicate through the Insynctive Bridge and Status indicator. The Insynctive Bridge works with compatible home automation systems to allow you to manage the security of your home when you're on the go.

Piramid Mfg. Ltd.'s Barn Door Hardware Kits

Piramid Mfg. Ltd.'s Barn Door Hardware Kits were launched over April and May 2014. These heavy duty barn door hardware kits are available in nine options (three styles and three colours), and can be purchased now.

Kits include tracks, hangers, and all mounting hardware. These beautifully heavy duty products can be customized to fit all styles. They have stainless steel kits for a more modern finish, black kits for a classic look, and antique bronze kits for a more vintage, true "barn door" style. Straight strap, bent strap, and top mount hardware ensure that there is a style to suit everyone's needs.

Piramid Mfg. Ltd. will be selling these hardware kits at the Ottawa Home & Garden Show at a special show price. Hardware kits will be ready to take home same-day (while supplies last).

Triangle Kitchen and Bath's Reclaimed Barn Boards/Beams

A new product, launched over this past year, Triangle Kitchen and Bath's Reclaimed Barn Boards/Beams are not only on trend, but they are an environmentally friendly option! The company started to introduce the reclaimed wood in their work following multiple inquiries from clients. The product has been use to build vanities, side tables, exterior BBQ kitchen cabinet cladding, coffee tables, and more.

We Do Closets' Sevroll Sliding and Bi-Fold Doors

We Do Closets' Sevroll Sliding and Bi-Fold Doors were launched in January 2014. The premium extruded aluminum handles are available in a variety of fashionable styles. Customers can choose from a wide variety of panel insets such as wood panels that match the closet finish, or mirrors, textured glass, or decorative acrylic. You can even incorporate a custom printed mural into the project! Since the doors are made to measure they fit perfectly and move effortlessly.

Ford Electric's Equinox Home Interface

Ford Electric's Equinox Home Interface by Vantage Controls was launched in April 2013. All devices from wall interfaces to touch screens to your iPhone all have the same controls. Ford Electric and Equinox combines lighting control, HVAC control, audio/video control, IP cameras, security system control, motorized blinds, fireplace control, and any other third party device into one seamless interface for your home.

Rose-A-Lane's Zen Mineral Shower

Launched in November 2014, Rose-A-Lane's Zen Mineral Shower offers a supreme relaxation experience. Water and air are rapidly mixed together and filtered through the mineral stones making the water softer and more gentle on your skin. You will use less water, help the environment, and save on your water heating costs.

RenovAction Home Improvements' Magic Window and Metal Roofing

RenovAction Home Improvements has been offering their Magic Window and Classic Metal Roofing since 2014. If you're looking for a highly energy efficient, quality vinyl window, RenovAction's Magic Window is one of the best on the market. For those of you in the market for a new roof, consider RenovAction's quality aluminum roofing, also highly energy efficient.

Les Seaux GADI's Wood Creations

Les Seaux GADI offers a wider variety of wooden creations, like buckets and umbrella stands, made out of high quality wood and more. If you're in the market for your next statement piece, don't miss their booth at the Ottawa Home & Garden Show!

This is just a taste of the myriad of products and companies that will be featured at this year's Ottawa Home & Garden Show. With hundreds of experts and professionals ready to offer you advice, tips, and ideas for your next home improvement project, this is one event you can't afford to miss. Don't have tickets yet? Get 2-for-1 on Facebook and join us at the show this weekend!