Mar 26, 2015

J. Evans Custom Home Construction (JECHC), a Lorain, Ohio based construction company bringing container-style homes, known as the "Forever Home", to Northeast Ohio and the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo, answered a few questions about this innovation new design. Get the inside scoop here and then make sure to check out their Mini Mansion at the show this weekend.

Q: How did you get interested in building container homes?

JECHC: "In 2010 the founders of JECHC set out to align with the White House's initiative to end homelessness by 2015. When met with great adversity, the non-profit venture seemed impossible. However, in the process of researching energy-efficient and cost-effective building materials, the founders stumbled upon a resource that would address the need for energy-efficient housing and could withstand shifting climate changes and help promote the gentrification and revitalization of distressed areas: shipping containers. With skyrocketing utility costs, intense weather systems devastating property owners, and the abundance of vacant and severely distressed properties taking over the urban landscape, this innovative technology with a real and viable solution."

Q: What are the benefits of using shipping containers for home construction?

JECHC: "Shipping containers provide a cost-effective, energy-efficient and modern alternative to conventional wooden built homes. Each container is fabricated with the strength of Corten Steel, providing two to three times the strength and life expectancy of wood. Shipping containers are fabricated in standardized dimensions creating faster construction timeframes. They are also built to securely travel in extreme weather conditions while sustaining damage and protecting the cargo locked inside. Additionally, over one million containers are available for purchase each year, ensuring the supply and demand needs can be met. These features make shipping containers a great fit for innovative building design and a viable option for the future of residential and commercial building."

Q: What types of design elements will people see in the Forever Home "Mini Mansion"?

JECHC: "The 'Mini Mansion' will center on comfort-oriented design, showcasing innovative and efficient use of space, maximizing total square footage, including the use of 'negative space'. Because all of JECHC floorplans are custom built for each client, the design possibilities are endless! The interior and exterior allure of the structures will feature energy-efficient and cutting edge renewable materials built to endure damage, normal wear and tear, and deterioration. Maximizing the life expectancy of the structure increases the value of the investment.

Q: What do you think people are most surprised by when they see this style home in person?

JECHC: "Most people can't believe that our structures are made of our shipping containers. The appearance of the structure can be as simple as a standard residential home or as unique as the owner can dream! Not to mention, most are blown away by the use of negative or dead space that other conventional building styles do not incorporate."

Q: Where in Northeast Ohio can container homes be seen?

JECHC: "JECHC will be constructing a full scale model home in 2015 with the location still to be determined. However, the "Mini Mansion" and the Outdoor Addition will be used as mobile model homes, available for viewing in early spring 2015. These structures can be delivered to any location for home buyers to experience the luxury and benefit of building with the highest quality product available in residential construction."

Can't wait to see the Mini Mansion at the show? Check out this video preview here! The Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo takes over the Cleveland Convention Center March 27-29, 2015. Get tickets to explore the Mini Mansion and more! Right now you can get 2-for-1 tickets on Facebook. What are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

MARCH 27 - 29, 2015.