Mar 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day is this Tuesday and while you're most likely not going to be setting up a pancake kegger in your driveway, (and if you are, we're not judging, we're just jealous that we aren't invited), it's still a fun holiday to celebrate. For many, especially when the day falls in the middle of the week, marking the occasion usually involves wearing green and maybe enjoying a green beer or two. But this year, why not get a little more creative with your festivities? Below is a list of fun treats and savory snacks to help you get in the Irish spirit.

1. Taste the Rainbow - Yes, St. Patrick's Day has a lot to do with green, but the whole rainbow is important too! How else will you find your gold?

Image via Teach Mama

2. Lucky Charms Rice Krispies - Two breakfast cereals combine to make one seriously delicious and adorable snack! Plus, it's gluten-free!

Image via Classy Clutter

3. Shamrockin' Quiche - Doesn't this look scrumptious? It doesn't have to be all sweets on St. Patrick's Day. Irish-up your dinner; we're sure no one will complain!

4. Guinness & Baileys Jell-O Shots - For many adults, Guinness is a quintessential part of St. Patrick's Day. But this year, instead of just having a pint, try this fun twist!

Image via Brit + Co

5. Gooey Green Cheesecake - Fresh mint packs a punch when it comes to the flavors and color of this cheesecake!

6. Luck of the Pizza - Turning green peppers into shamrocks is such a fun idea, and who can resist a mini pizza?

7. Shamrock Smoothie - Yes, Shamrock Shakes are delicious, but are they good for you? Enjoy a guilt-free version of everyone's favorite shake with this smoothie alternative. Same great taste, not nearly the same amount of calories.

Image via Homeketeers

8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Donut - These rainbow donuts are a dream come true!

We hope you and yours have a fabulously fun St. Patrick's day free of pinches and full of luck!