Apr 14, 2015

Spring cleaning isn't just the time when you scrub the areas of your home that aren't always on your "To Do" list, it's also a great opportunity to organize spaces that tend to get easily cluttered. We've vowed to help you with your spring cleaning, so we compiled a list of rooms and appliances that can typically use an assessment, purge, and restructuring. Check it out below, as well as some expert techniques you can modify and implement in your home, and get ready to get organized.

Remember, spring cleaning has chores that fall into three categories: cleaning, organizing, and maintenance. To help you, we're writing blogs to tackle tasks that fall into all three of these categories. Enjoy our tips on organizing below, read up on cleaning here, and check back for more advice on home maintenance.


Refrigerator - We're sure cleaning the fridge is on your spring cleaning list, (you probably even do it more than once or twice a year), but is organizing it on the list too? When your fridge space makes sense, you're less likely to waste food and it's easier to keep your fridge clean year-round. Squawkfox has a great system you can modify to fit your refrigerator and eating habits.

Image via Squawkfox

Kitchen Cabinets - While you're working in your kitchen, it might be a good time to evaluate the state of your cabinets. How organized are they? It's easy for us to hold onto kitchen items for longer than we should (I'm sure you've got some Tupperware that doesn't have all its parts, chipped mugs and glasses, and old water bottles that you wouldn't use but don't want to throw away). Since you're in spring cleaning mode, take the plunge and start purging your useless kitchen items. Bargain Briana has got great tips to help you whip your cabinets into shape.

Image via Bargain Briana

Bathrooms - It's so easy for your bathroom to become cluttered. It seems like there's a specific product or two for every part of your body, and if you're sharing a bathroom with one or more people, that's a lot of stuff you have to make room for. If you have a gigantic storage-filled bathroom we're jealous, but if you're like most of us and have a small space you have to make compromises in, Good Housekeeping has some great ideas for you.

Garage - For many households the bulk of spring cleaning revolves around the garage. It is an area of the home that sees a lot of change as the weather gets warmer. Bring out your gardening gear and sports equipment, put away your shovels (finally!) and holiday lights. Getting your garage organized is a large chore, but luckily Listoic has it broken down into 28 manageable tasks.

Image via Listoic

Closet - Another part of your home that'll see some major change as the weather improves is your closet. As you say goodbye to sweaters and hello to sundresses, use the opportunity to take a minute to organize and purge this space. Buzzfeed has some useful techniques to help you assess your garments so you can determine what stays, what should be donated, and what belongs in the trash.

Image via Buzzfeed

We hope these tips help to clear your space and mind. For more spring cleaning advice make sure to check out our article on keeping your home spotless, and watch out for more advice on home maintenance soon.