Apr 10, 2015

This month we’ve been on a quest to provide simple tips, tricks, and ideas to help you spring clean smarter. Although we have already outlined some best practices and often-missed spots for cleaning, there’s a lot more info coming your way. In the next few weeks we’ll be discussing methods for organizing and maintaining your home more effectively. But for now, while you’re in the thick of your most tedious spring cleaning chores, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you some household cleaning hacks.

Showerhead Hack – Not sure how to clean your showerhead without unscrewing it or doing some seriously awkward scrubbing and reaching? Don’t worry. The folks at Wonderful Engineering have hacked this chore; all you need is vinegar, a plastic bag, and a little patience.

Shower Spray Hack – Ok, so we’ve yet to find a five minute deep clean hack for showers (that’s wizardry), but we did find a cheap and effective way to keep your shower clean. Once your shower has had a good scrub, use this homemade shower spray after every shower you take. It’s simple and inexpensive to make (there are only three ingredients) and it’ll help your scrubbing go a long way.

Image via Pop Sugar

Pillow Hack – Think you can’t clean your pillows? Think again. It’s as easy as turning on the washing machine. One Good Thing hacked this important chore so you can get your comfy cushions back in great condition.

Image via One Good Thing

Vacuum Hack – Don’t have one of those fancy vacuum attachments? Don’t worry. A toilet paper roll will work just as well. Save yourself some cash and clean all the hard to reach spots in your home.

Image via ViralNova

Cord Organizing Hack – Toilet paper rolls also work well for keeping cords untangled and organized!  
Hard To Reach Hack – Have you ever tried getting the dust and crumbs trapped in between your keyboard keys or car vents? Those spots used to be pretty well impossible to get clean...until now! This cleaning slime, (yes, we know it sounds like an oxymoron), is your new best friend! Simply Living Smart will show you how to make it and the best spots to use it.

Furniture Hack – Over the years your furniture can see some wear and tear. If you’ve got dings on your wooden pieces, buff them out using walnuts! (Seriously!)

Fix It Hack – While we’re on the subject of fixing things, did you know there’s a website that will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix something you’ve broken? So if you get a little over zealous during your spring cleaning and break something, the Fix It Club has got you covered!

Image via SlipTalk

Hammer Hack – Should any of your fixes or chores involve a hammer and nails, we’ve got the ultimate hack to share with you.  Instead of holding the your soon-to-be-hammered nails in your mouth as you line everything up (gross and a little dangerous), simply glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer and keep your nails there! What a genius idea!

We hope these simple hacks help you through your spring cleaning chores. Are there helpful hacks that you think we should know about? Tweet @HomeShows your favorite home improvement and cleaning hacks – we want to hear from you!