May 4, 2015

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Caught you off guard, didn't we? She may be one of the most special ladies in your life, but for whatever reason Mother's Day always tends to come surprisingly early - is it the second Sunday in May every year? If you're like the rest of the unprepared masses, we've got 10 awesome DIY gifts for your try your hand at this year. Skip the last minute flowers and use the few days you have left to craft the perfect gift for mom.

Coasters - Personalized photo coasters send two powerful messages. 1: remember all the fun we've had throughout the years. 2: I respect your desire to keep surfaces stain-free and these will help.

Image via Pop Sugar

Succulents - Create something beautiful to freshen up your mom's space. A personalized tea cup is the perfect home for this no-fuss plant. What a sweet gift!

Candle - A candle decorated with some amateur artwork? Moms and grandmas will flip.

Glass Etching - Add a unique and thoughtful detail to your mom's glass cookware or baking tools (like Pyrex pans, bowls, etc.). Whether it's her last name, a thoughtful message, or just a cute doodle, we're sure she'll love the originality of this idea.

Lanterns - Photo lanterns bring a touch of whimsy wherever they're set up. Display some of your best memories in these adorable orbs. Your mom will love them!

Image via Photojojo

Apron - Decorate an apron with whatever you want your mom to be reminded of: little hands, little feet, little words, or just messages of love.

Mugs - Make your mom's first cup of coffee or tea all the sweeter with a personalized mug. How cute are these?

Image via Pop Sugar

Flowers - Spelling out MOM in plants? She will love that. It's super cute and all about her.

Image via Brit + Co

Ring Holder - If your mom is overburdened by jewelry and a big fan of lotuses we've got the craft for you. Make her a lotus ring holder and we're sure you'll be the new favorite (take that, Jenny!).

Image via Yay For Handmade

Gratitude Journal - Did you know that writing down what we're thankful for actually makes us happier? Your mom might, (moms tend to know everything), and we're sure she'll be thankful for this incredibly thoughtful gift. Making it is easy and it's such a sweet way to thank your mom for everything she does and to try and help her to be happier every day.

Image via eHow

We hope these ideas help you get started on your Mother's Day gifts. Share the finished products with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - we'd love to see what you create!