Jun 5, 2015

Are you ready to spend your summer outside? One of the best parts about summer is the time spent hanging out in the sun with friends and family. No jacket, no worries, just great company and perfect weather. (We’re big fans of the warmer months, if you couldn’t tell.) We’ve already shared some ideas to spruce up your outdoor decor – but what good is a nice space if you haven’t got anything fun to do in it? Check out our list of 10 things you better have in your backyard to keep everyone having fun this summer.

Giant Jenga – You may have mastered the normal sized game, but when you’re playing with larger blocks things get interesting! Get ready for lots of laughs and some seriously tall towers!

Image via A Beautiful Mess
Pro tip: When it isn’t your turn, keep a good distance from the tower so you can move out of the way if it falls – those are some pretty sizeable blocks that’ll be tumbling down!

Glowing Orbs– Set the scene, create a lighted path, or try using them for a night time scavenger hunt! Who knew $3 could go such a long way?

Hammock – Create the ultimate spot to hangout, literally! Hammocks make the perfect reading nook, napping spot, and acrobatics test (seriously, every time we go in a hammock we almost fall out!).

Image via How to Decorate

Chalkboard – Outdoor chalkboards are tons of fun for the young and old. Practice your drawing or use the board for another game, like hangman or tic tack toe!

Image via Tiny Sidekick

Tree House – This not-so-complicated tree house is perfect for the average DIY-er. All you really need is a tree and some boards and you’ll be able to take your fun to new heights. You’ll never want to leave!

Yard Dominoes – Whether you’re making a pretty design you can knock over or trying to add up to a multiple of five, we’re sure these guys will bring you lots of fun!

Movie Night – What could be better than showing a movie in your backyard? All you need is a projector, a blanket, and some cozy sitting spots. Your little ones will be over the moon!

Image via Ellie Petrov

Match Game – Test your friends’ and family members’ memories with this super fun match game! Decorate the tiles however you’d like (just make sure there are two of each) and get ready for some laughs!

Image via Studio DIY

Word Game – They might not be in school, but that’s no excuse for kids to stop learning. Practicing spelling was never so much fun!

Image via Yahoo! Lifestyle

We hope these ideas help you and yours to have a fantastically fun summer. If you try out any of these activities or come up with some of your own make sure to share them with @HomeShows on Twitter and Instagram! We’d love to see how your summer is shaping up!