Jun 2, 2015

This Father's Day, skip the tie and coffee mug, and give Dad the gift of peace of mind. It's harder to wrap, but knowing your family won't be one of the thousands who suffer an electrical fire every year is an unparalleled gift.

We sat down with Benfield Electric to talk about their CurrentSAFE Electrical Hazard Detection service and how it can help protect the things you love most, like your Dad. Check out our interview below to learn about this unique service and what it means for homeowners.

What are your featured products this season?
"CurrentSAFE Electrical Hazard Detection."

What can we look forward to from you at the Capital Home Show?
"We will have a display of electrical items that were found to be in our customers' homes that were detected by our inspectors. These items are faulty electrical outlets, light switches, and even electrical wiring that has caught on fire behind the walls, all without having to dismantle damage or cut into the wall."

What inspires your products?
"Their family's safety is the primary concern for most homeowners. CurrentSAFE Electrical Hazard Detection can greatly reduce the risk of electrical fire, identify and eliminate shock hazards, all with a non-destructive method of testing using infrared thermal images, ultrasonic sound detection, circuit tracers, and analyzers."

What is your favorite part of the Capital Home Show?
"Showcasing our products and services while meeting new people."

What advice would you give homeowners?
"Don't become a statistic - there is a house fire in the US every six minutes. The proactive approach of CurrentSAFE could possibly save your family. Remember, your pets can't call 911!"

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