Jun 5, 2015

This Father's Day save Dad from a chore he hates doing: cleaning out the gutters. Gutter Helmet® protects your gutters from dirt and debris, while allowing water to pass through them and away from your home. Protect your roof, basement, and foundation without having to tackle the tricky task of cleaning the gutters.

We sat down with the Gutter Helmet® team to talk about their marvelous product and how it can help homeowners. Check out our interview below and surprise your Dad with something fantastic this Father's Day.

What are your featured products this season?
"Spring and early summer are two seasons that bring lots of rain and roof debris, so Gutter Helmet® is especially popular right now as it prevents debris from entering and clogging the gutters. Cleaning out the gutters is a household chore most homeowners dread, and it is also difficult, time consuming, and can be very dangerous. It's also unnecessary, thanks to Gutter Helmet®, our revolutionary Gutter Protection System. Gutter Helmet® has quickly become one of the best investments a homeowner can make, and it pays for itself over and over again."

What can we look forward to from you at the Capital Home Show?
"We provide interested homeowners a full demonstration of how the Gutter Helmet® Gutter Protection System works. Using a three-dimensional model outfitted with running water that mimics rain, we demonstrate how Gutter Helmet® prevents debris from entering the gutters. Homeowners can also take advantage of an exclusive discount only available at the show."

What inspires your products?
"From the very beginning, we wanted to create a culture and company focused on what's best for the customer in terms of product quality and customer service. Every staff member is trained from day one to take pride in exceeding customer expectations which is why we have a 90% likely to recommend among all of our customers. We offer the best warranties in the industry including a Triple Lifetime Manufacturer Performance Warranty, which is also transferable if you decide to move."

What is your favorite part of the Capital Home Show?
"Our favorite part is walking around and seeing what's new in the home improvement world. Every year there always seems to be one or two new products that completely amaze us. We've been participating in the Home + Garden Shows for almost 20 years now, and we like seeing familiar faces as well."

Ty Pennington checking out the Gutter Helmet® Booth!

What advice would you give homeowners?
"Spring and early summer are the best times to get out and take a look at your home, and search for any signs of possible damage caused by the winter season. You want t see if your gutters are pulling away from the home or sagging. Anytime you start to see a gap forming between your gutters and your home's exterior, you should be concerned because that can lead to water runoff which is a major issue. Water will follow the path of least resistance, which can lead to extensive wood rot, foundation and basement damage, and much more."

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