Jun 8, 2015

This Father's Day treat Dad to a kitchen upgrade. With a little help from the folks at Klein's Custom Countertops you can make a substantial impact and transform your kitchen without undertaking a huge project. Don't overhaul your kitchen or replace costly appliances, simply redo your countertops. Using state of the art technology combined with quality craftsmanship done by people who care about what they do, Klein's will custom manufacture and install your countertops to your specifications.

We sat down with the Klein's Custom Countertops team to talk about their services, how they help homeowners, and what they can do for your kitchen. Check it out below.

What are your featured products this season?
"Pental Quartz, Silestone Quartz, and Dekton Ultraompact Surfacing."

What home design and decor trends are you anticipating for the rest of 2015?
"Individual styles. Whites, marble looking patterns, grays and neutrals. Simple edges."

What advice would you give homeowners?
"Follow your heart. If you like it, that's all that matters. Never worry about what anyone else thinks."

Is there any additional info you'd like to give homeowners?
"It is our promise to our customer to show through service and quality, that the value of our products will be greater than that of any other purchase they could make for their home. No gimmicks, no sales, just a fair price, always. Klein's believes that if you put something on sale, it was too expensive to begin with."

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