Jun 4, 2015

This Father's Day get Dad a powerful gift. A standby generator may not be as traditional a Father's Day gift as a tie or coffee cup, but it's the thought that counts, and the folks at Advanced Electrical Services Group have shared many thoughts with us as to why this is such a fantastic present. Every year extreme storms ravage the country, causing great damage to homes, some of which can be avoided by simply owning a standby generator. Check out our interview with the Advanced Electrical Services Group team to learn more about how they can help protect your home.

What are your featured products this season?
"Advanced Electrical Services Group specializes in the sales, installation, warranty, maintenance, and service of standby generators. This is a great time to get one for your home and be protected through the upcoming hurricane season, winter, and any other power outages that may come your way."

What can we look forward to from you at the 2016 Philadelphia Home Show?
"Every year we bring the full range of generator options, from small inverters to portable gas units, to permanently installed standby generators. This gives you the opportunity to see the equipment firsthand which, in combination with out expert advice, can help you choose the right backup power solution for your home."

What inspires your products?
"Standby generators are all about providing security for your home. Whether it's the security of your home's heating and cooling, the food in your refrigerator, or insuring your sump pump keeps the basement dry, a standby generator makes sure you're always protected."

What is your favorite part of the Philadelphia Home Show?
"Our favorite part of the show is the opportunity to discuss our products firsthand with customers. Rather than simply showing pictures of the various generator options, the show provides us with the space to review the actual units and accessories in person to demonstrate how a standby generator will operate in your home."

What advice would you give homeowners?
"Our biggest piece of advice is not to wait until a large storm hits to implement a standby power solution. Purchasing a standby generator ahead of a major outage not only provides you with emergency power but also saves you from the long waits for shipments and installation that often follow a major outage."

What is your creative process like?
"While a generator installation is not a particularly creative process, ad Advanced we pride ourselves on providing the cleanest and most professional installations. We work with you to place the generator in an area of your home that fulfills all rules and regulations, but is also aesthetically pleasing and convenient to operate."

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