Jul 3, 2015

Not all of us have the space or time to throw 4th of July parties, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating come Saturday. Will you be a party goer instead of a party thrower this weekend? Don’t forget the hostess gift! If you want to skip the traditional bottle of wine and surprise your host with a unique, homemade gift, we have got you covered.

Think you shouldn’t DIY because there won’t be enough time? Think again. The gifts below are super easy to make and come together quickly. Check ‘em out and see which one your host will love most. 

Patriotic Planter – Don’t bring a bouquet, bring a real plant. And deck that plant out in the most patriotic planter you can. This sweet craft will add to any 4th of July party and thrive for years to come. If you’re worried about whether or not it will actually thrive because your host is not a “plant person”, put a cactus in your planter.

Image via Hands Occupied

Sensational Serving Spoons – We love the idea of bringing serving spoons. From burger and hotdog toppings to pasta, potato, and actual salads there is usually lots to serve up at any 4th of July get together. So let your host have a little fun with their utensils and surprise them with these ombre cuties. 

Image via Say Yes

Thoughtful Throw Pillow – This sweet burlap pillow would look perfect on the porch or in the house, and we’re sure it’ll be brought out for many Independence Days to come. It is the most complex craft on our list to make, so if you aren’t a comfortable sewer, we’d suggest giving one of the other projects a try. That said, if you’re happy using a thread, needle, and bobbin, this pillow really comes together nicely.

Creative Centerpiece – All you need is rice, food coloring, mason jars, and candles for this simple craft to take shape. These fun candles can be placed all around your host’s party and will add to the atmosphere and festivities. What could be better?

We hope these homemade gifts bring a smile to your host’s face and help make your 4th of July all the more special this year.