Aug 28, 2015

Stylish decor doesn't always have to break the bank! Knowing where to save and when to splurge helps you achieve a budget-friendly, designer-inspired look.

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Will you be able to tell which look costs less? To help you prepare, we're sharing our go-to steps to make a room look like a million bucks, on a budget. Check 'em out below and get ready to tell Ottawa At Home which look is the real bargain.


A common theme in luxurious decorating is an emphasis on neutrals. Why? Neutrals tend to lighten a room, which instantly makes it more open, airy, and welcoming. When decorating a space, avoid dark and heavy colours, which can close things off, making everything appear smaller and dreary. Instead, focus on using beige and off-white tones. Try keeping most of the bigger aspects of your room, such as walls, couches, and floors, as neutral as possible.

Image via How To Decorate


Having a room that is complete monochromatic tends to look bland and unappealing. When choosing the colours for your room, decide on a contrasting accent piece that will be an eye-catching pop of colour. If you're struggling to find a colour that complements the rest of your room, find a colour wheel with the colour of your room on it. The colour opposite it on the wheel will be the perfect complement to your space.

Image via Daily Digs

If you're unsure about a colour, find flowers that are the same tone and put those in the space as a trial. They can be switched out easily, and ensure you don't have to spend money on accessories that don't complement the rest of the room. Once you've decided on a contrast accent colour, incorporate it with pillows, throws, lamp shades, small detail decor pieces, or even an area rug. For the design daring, try painting a whole wall a statement colour as an accent.

Bold Statements

Having a statement piece in your room will serve as a focal point. It draws your eyes in and creates intimacy in the room. Including a bold statement in your decorating also means you can leave the rest of the room fairly minimal; the ultimate high-end chic. Our favourite bold statement pieces are big, colourful paintings, bold patterned area rugs, and unusual light fixtures.

Create a Larger Looking Room

Nothing looks more luxurious than a spacious, well-decorated room. That being said, we don't all have unlimited space at our disposal. If you're struggling to open up a room, here are several tips to create your ultimate space.

First, anything that draws the eyes upward elongates the room and gives the effect of higher ceilings. Accomplish this in three ways:
  1. Hang your floor length window coverings a couple of feet above the windows
  2. Strategically place shelves higher than you normally would
  3. Consider painting the upper half of  your wall white or a lighter colour
Second, when trying to create the effect of a more spacious room, avoid dark colours and heavy fabrics at all cost. These close up the space and immediately make the room stuffier.

Image via Hooked On Houses

Lastly, mirrors are the old design stand-by for good reason: they work. A large mirror acts as a second window and creates the illusion of double the space.

So now that you know all there is to know about forging a more expensive looking room, are you ready to tackle our contest? Find out now!

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SEPTEMBER 24-27, 2015.