Sep 16, 2015

Halloween parties are some of the best events of the year! Neighbours, friends, and family filling your home in costume – what could be more fun? This year, why not try some new additions to your old party favourites? We’ve put together six ways to help you throw the best Halloween party you’ve ever seen. 

R.I.P Boring Decorations

This Halloween steer clear of the typical plastic bats and black and orange balloons strewn across the room. Wow your guests with three of our favorite Halloween Decoration DIYs.

Black Cat Pumpkins: We love this DIY as a new twist for the classic carved pumpkin, inside the house or on the front porch to greet trick-or-treaters. Start with two pumpkins; one significantly smaller than the other. Cut the top off of the smaller pumpkin and clean out the insides. With the same pumpkin, trace and carve eye holes onto one side. Add ears by cutting out the shapes from black felt or card stock and attaching them on top of the pumpkin. Next, spray paint the two pumpkins black. After they’ve dried, attach the head with floral picks and remember to set a lit tea light in the head. Bye-bye boring pumpkins!

Image via Sunset

Slithering Wreaths: Welcome your guests with this super creepy, snake covered wreath. Grab a grape-vine wreath from your nearest craft store as well as several rubber snakes. Spray paint the wreath and snakes black and allow them both to dry. With a hot glue gun, begin attaching the snakes in every which way; overlapping, hanging off, whatever you like. Hang the wreath on your door to make your guests shudder! 

Image via Martha Stewart

Blood Soaked Candle: This DIY leaves you with creepy candles in under ten minutes! Start with a couple of tall, white, cylindrical candles and one bright red candle. Light the red candle and several minutes for a small pool of wax to form. Once it has, start holding the red candle on an angle above the white one so the coloured wax drips onto it. Move the dripping candle around so that the red wax ‘blood’ is dripping down the whole candle. Continue doing this with all of your candles until you’re left with several ‘blood’ soaked creations. 

Image via Sous Notre Toit

Games for Ghouls

Halloween games are often the most fun of the night! Including some games in your party plan will bring your guests together and is a great way to get the conversation flowing. These games are simple to put together and will guarantee a laugh out of anyone playing; kids or adults alike!

Costume Bingo: Our twist on the classic bingo game is nothing short of a Halloween hit! Before the party, make up bingo sheets with a different popular costume in each square. As guests walk in, hand them a sheet and something to mark the squares with (magic markers work the best!). When they see a guest wearing one of the costumes on their sheet, they mark off that square. This continues until someone has 5 squares marked in a row. The first person to get the Halloween bingo wins a prize and bragging rights for the rest of the night!

Candy Corn Count: Fill up a large bowl with candy corn (or your favorite Halloween treat; it’s up to you!) and as you’re doing so, count how many pieces of the candy corn are going in. Leave small pieces of paper beside the bowl, inviting guests to try their hand at guessing how many candy corns are in the bowl. Once everyone has voted, reveal the number you originally counted and whoever had the closest guess wins the bowl of candy corn!
Guess Who? Halloween Edition: This game is a fun way to have guests talking in no time! As each of your guests comes through the door, place a sticker on their back with the name of a Halloween character on it. The guests will mingle around the room, asking yes or no questions to figure out who they’re supposed to be. Once a guest has guessed the character on their sticker, they remove it and continue to help others in guessing their character by answering questions. The game continues through the night until everyone has guessed their character. 

Image via About

So without further ado, let’s get party planning! For more holiday decor ideas make sure to visit the Ottawa Fall Home Show. The home and garden event of the season takes over the EY Centre September 24-27, 2015.

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