Sep 22, 2015

With fall comes one of our favourite holidays: Halloween. From candy galore to cute kids in costumes, there’s nothing better. This Halloween, impress the whole neighborhood with our six spooky, Halloween-themed food and drink recipes; sure to promise the Halloween party of the year!

Candy Corn No More!

Who says you have stick to candy and chocolate on Halloween? Try some scary twists on old Halloween favorites and watch the amazement on your guests’ faces. 

Poison Caramel Apples

Image via Simply Delicious

1. Place bamboo skewers in six granny smith apples and set aside.
2. In a pot, combine 2 cups of sugar, ¾ cup of water, ½ cup of corn syrup and 3 drops of black gel food colouring over medium heat.
3.When the sugar has dissolved, turn up the heat and allow the caramel to boil until it reaches approximately 150°c/310°F.
4. Dip the apples into the candy mixture and leave them to cool on a lined baking tray to prevent sticking.
5. Serve after at least an hour of cooling time. 

Spooky Spider Seven Layer Dip

Image via Our Best Bites

Layer 1: 16 oz of refried beans mixed with taco seasoning
Layer 2: 1 cup of sour cream
Layer 3: 1 cup of guacamole
Layer 4: 1 cup of salsa
Layer 5: 1 cup of lettuce
Layer 6: 1 cup of Mexican olives or jalapenos
Layer 7: 1 cup of diced tomatoes 
Finishing Touch: Pipe sour cream in a spider web design on top and add plastic spiders just before serving

Witches Wand

Image via Our Best Bites

1. Melt one package  of white chocolate chips.
2. Dip pretzel rods into the melted chocolate. Use a butter knife or spoon to cover the rod evenly. Make sure to leave half of the pretzel plain to avoid sticky fingers.
3. Shake Halloween themed sprinkles onto the pretzels, turning the rod to catch every side with some sprinkles.
4. Leave to cool and harden for 24 hours.
5. Try milk and dark chocolate too, to have a variety for all chocolate lovers!

Creepy Cocktails!

All of that delicious food will need an excellent drink to accompany it. Forget the red wine and orange drink this year – mix up your Halloween drink menu with a splash of something a little more festive.

Black Widow Cocktail

Image via Pink Recipe Box

1. Pour ½ oz of strawberry vodka, ½ oz of white rum, and ½ oz of triple sec into a glass.
2. Top up with cranberry juice and stir to mix.
3. Tip: Add licorice lace to the sides of the glass to make spider legs!

Hocus Pocus Fizz

1. Mix together 1 cup pineapple juice; ½ cup rum,¼ teaspoon coconut extract, 3 drops of red food colouring, and 3 drops of yellow food colouring.
2. Add 2 oz of the rum mixture into a glass and top with sparkling wine.
3. Tip: Rim the glass with black sugar for a festive finish.

Wizard's Potion (non-alcoholic)

Image via City Line

1. In a large pitcher, combine 6 cups of apple cider, 2 cups of orange juice, ½ cup of lemon, and stir to combine.
2. Add chilled sparkling white grape juice and serve immediately.
3. Tip: Add a few drops of orange food colouring to ramp up the Halloween effect!

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