Sep 1, 2015

With a growing number of Triangle residents rehabbing older homes, Kevin O'Connor will be at the Raleigh Home Show sharing tried-and-true secrets from inside the many seasons of the original PBS hit series This Old House. As the show's host, Kevin will bring Raleigh audiences the biggest and best projects, and share never-before-aired video and photos from the PBS archives and his private collection.

But before he gets to Raleigh he's answered a few of our questions to give folks the inside scoop of what to expect from him at the show, and the experiences he's had leading up to this fall. Check out our brief interview below.

MPE: What can guests expect to see at your presentations at the Raleigh Home Show?

Kevin: "I will share a sneak peek of the upcoming season of This Old House, which includes the restoration of an 1850s Shingle Style Victorian home and the building of a new reproduction New England farm house. Both projects are rich in historical details. On one we'll save the old property, while on the other we'll reproduce it. I will also dig deep into some of the best tips, do's and don'ts, and greatest transformations of everyone's favorite room: the kitchen."

MPE: What is the craziest thing you and the crew have unearthed when renovating on This Old House?

Kevin: "We found an old cannon ball lodged into the side of a 150-year-old Greek revival house during one renovation. The project was less than five miles from the historic Lexington and Concord battle sites of the Revolutionary War, and while we couldn't confirm the origin of the cannon ball, in my mind it surely came from British guns as they retreated back to Boston Harbor."

MPE: What is the number one pieces of advice you have for first timers when it comes to renovating and older, historic home?

Kevin: "Your project will take longer and cost more than you expect. Nobody can see behind walls and when you renovate an old house there's lot of trouble behind those walls. Be ready for the unexpected, stay flexible and creative, and enjoy the ride."

MPE: What is the biggest issue with renovating an older home?

Kevin: "The ravages of time. Time takes its toll and brings with it all sorts of problems - rot, decay, sagging walls, and peeling paint. As much as I love an older home, there's plenty about 'older' I don't like. Older pipes and wires are no fun. Older plaster is messy, older insulation is ineffective, older furnaces and boilers are inefficient. When you renovate, so many of these things need to be changed without taking away the charm, and that can be a challenge."

MPE: There are so many great old homes in the South, including in Raleigh. What do you love about Southern architecture and homes?

Kevin: "Porches. Porches. And porches! There is nothing more inviting than a good porch and the South has them in abundance. It speaks to a way of life that tries to beat the heat, but also about Southern culture - open, friendly, and welcoming."

Kevin will be appearing live at the Raleigh Home Show September 11th & 12th, don't miss him! The Raleigh Home Show is the place to find the latest home decor trends, garden ideas, and home improvement and renovation experts. Sage wisdom and fun stories from Kevin O'Connor is just one of the many reasons to join us at the show.

Don't have tickets yet? Right now you can get 2-for-1 tickets on our Facebook page. Treat a friend or family member to the show - we can't wait to see y'all there!

SEPT 11-13, 2015.