Sep 16, 2015

Pam Faulkner is the owner of Faulkner House Interior Design and lead designer in the Capital Home Show's ShedQuarters feature. Her work with Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Hold Everything, which included monthly and seasonal display changes, lead to an increased interest in residential design. Pam's experience, creative vision, training, and down-to-earth approach have earned her a reputation for remarkable room transformations, showcasing her clients' personality and style.

The ShedQuarters is a new feature at the Capital Home Show. Guests will have the opportunity to stroll through three fully-furnished spaces and learn how they can recreate them in their own backyard. Wish you had a wine tasting room, writers retreat, or French country cottage? You don't want to miss this exhibit!

But before you explore these unique structures, get to know Pam Faulkner a little better in our interview below. Discover her design inspirations, style, and what she has planned for her shed.

Where did the shed trend start?

"Small outdoor private spaces have been around for a long time, often used as studios for artists or a place for writers to work without interruption. They've been popular for years as convenient backyard getaways. People who moved out into what was once the country often had buildings on their property that had been tool sheds, small storage barns, or even carriage houses. They turned them into wonderful and sometimes whimsical places that could be specific to a particular need or multi-purpose spaces. These were sometimes featured in shelter magazines and over time the idea took hold that nearly anyone with enough yard could have one of these private spaces, the equivalent of an adult playhouse."

How did you choose your themes?

"A list was made of types, styles, and functions for small outdoor rooms/spaces that would fit the style of buildings we were going to use. Then the list was narrowed to three that would appeal to both women and men."

French Country Cottage

Where do you find your inspiration for these spaces?

"The French Country Cottage was inspired by the old world charm of Provence, France. The Wine Tasting Room was inspired by our Virginia wineries and the fun of wine tasting gatherings. The Writers Retreat was inspired by Ernest Hemingway's study in Key West, Florida."

Describe your design style in five words or fewer. 

"Casually classic sophistication, comfortable, welcoming."

What was your first ever DIY project?

"I spray painted an old velvet slipper chair with fabric paint and lightly buffed it to give it a suede feel. That was many years ago and I still have and use the chair."

What design/gardening trend or item are you coveting this season?

"I love blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. The creation of garden spaces as outdoor rooms uses a resource that many homeowners forget about. It's real estate that they have paid for but don't use often or use mainly as storage space. When I create outdoor spaces for homeowners, I show them how it can function as living and storage space, often using what they already have in their home that is either weather resistant or easy to keep in attractive outdoor storage boxes, ready to pull out and use in minutes."

Writers Retreat

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

"Oh that's difficult. It's like picking your favorite child. It's probably the kitchen. That's where people tend to gather so it was designed to allow people to visit and watch or help cook and prep if they like. It has a large bay window with a prep counter that has wonderful lighting and a great view."

What is the most challenging part of your job?

"Not wanting to recreate some of the designs I do for my clients in my own home or buy some of the same furnishings!"

What is your favorite organizational tip?

"Have only what you really need and use; have designated places for everything so you know where it is when you need it. It sounds so simplistic, but most disorganization comes from having too many things that aren't really needed and not having a system for keeping what is needed in an orderly, functional manner."

Wine Tasting Room

Which style would you choose for your personal shed?

"The Wine Tasting Shed. It's a four season theme that can be anything from cozy, casual, formal, tailored to a small gathering or a large lawn party."

What are you going to do with the sheds after the Capital Home Show?

"The Wine Tasting shed, minus the furnishings, is going to be auctioned off with proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia. The French Country Cottage and Writers Retreat sheds (minus the furnishings) will be returned to the Outdoor Home Center in Manassas to be models on their lot. The furnishings that were repurposed and refurbished for ReStore will be returned to the store for resale."

The Capital Home Show takes over the Dulles Expo Center September 25-27, 2015. With appearances by The Fabulous Beekman Boys, DIY Channel star Jason Cameron, The Painted Home author Denise Sabia, and hundreds of experts ready to help with your next home improvement project, this is the home and garden event of the season.

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SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2015.