Sep 1, 2015

Planning on sprucing up your space for fall? One of the areas of the home that can see the most change on a seasonal basis is the living room. Throws and pillows are easy to replace, and are a great way to incorporate the latest trends into a room without making a major investment or commitment. The potential for fluidity within your living room means you can try new things out, get a little festive depending on the upcoming holidays, and continue to adapt your space as your family changes.

If you’re feeling inspired to make a change, we’ve got to ask: which of the two living rooms below would you try and emulate? Do you prefer Option A’s warm grays and welcoming art? Or are you more interested in the fun patterns and bright space that Option B presents? Where would you rather gather your family for game nights or host a book club?


Image via My Full House


Our Choice: Option B

Although we can appreciate the coziness of Option A, our heart lies with Option B. Yes, it’s a little showy and the patterns are a lot for the eye to take in, but we find that charming. Option A is neutral and soothing and perfect for a small space, but our dream living room is a bit funkier.

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