Dec 31, 2015

Design is constantly changing as it is influenced by history. Stylistic contexts from the social, the cultural, the economic, the political, the technical, and the aesthetic have all affected design in one way or another. Provo locals, Andy and Candis Meredith, are exploring historic home restoration on their new show Old Home Love on DIY Network. These two have a passion and talent for rehabilitating historic homes, mostly from the 1800s.

There couldn’t have been a better couple for the job… Andy and Candis are all about family! Raising their six boys and now a baby girl, one could say that this is a family with appreciation for the generations. Old Home Love brings together family, history, love, and design.

We spoke with Candis about home restoration, check out our brief Q&A:

Q: Why restoration?

Candis: "Although Andy and I do love modern homes, it seems like the craftsmanship of these older home was much better."

Q: Is it easier to restore or build new?

Candis: "With new homes I know what to expect. When restoring historic homes, you never know what you'll find. There's a lot of problem solving involved, but overall the feeling of saving something is so rewarding."

Q: What advice would you give homeowners looking to restore their homes?

Candis: "Do your research! If you do things right the first time, you will save a lot of money down the road."

Andy and Candis will be on the XFINNITY Design Stage at the Salt Lake Home Show on Friday, January 8th at 7pm, Saturday, January 9th at 3pm and 7pm, and Sunday, January 10th at 1pm. Don't have tickets yet? You can save big when you buy them online! Click here to get $2 off your tickets!

For more home renovation advice and pictures of their latest projects follow Andy and Candis on Twitter at @OldHomeLove. And to stay in the know about the Salt Lake Home Show, follow @SLCHomeShow on Twitter. 

JANUARY 8-10, 2016.