Jan 20, 2016

As the winter weather moves us indoors, it’s important to focus on simple ways to boost the look of your interior space. The changing of the seasons provides the perfect opportunity to get away from the cold and spice things up inside. This winter, why not try a simple DIY project? With our Christmas bills still hanging around, a DIY project will not only save you some money but will also add some interior flair to your home.

Adding an Accent Window. It’s no surprise that adding a bold accent can really boost a room. Adding a new focal point brings a pop of colour to a room, livening it instantly. If the idea of painting a whole wall seems a bit daunting, try painting an accent window. If you can balance it with the other windows in your space, painting the window trim a bold colour will achieve everything an accent wall does without the hassle of a big paint job.

Creative Lighting Cover-up. To bring a new dimension and life to any room, try drawing eyes up to the ceiling with a statement lighting fixture. A simple switch of fixtures can make all the difference in livening a room. But wait! If a whole new fixture isn’t in the budget this season, the same thing can be accomplished by adding a DIY drum shade to your pre-existing fixture. Using embroidery hoops, fabric and ribbon, you can make an incredibly simple drum shade for any fixture in your home. The shade will cover the old fixture and give the illusion of a fancy, modern addition to your room, for under $50.

Image via Ebay

Make a “Brand New” Headboard. To refresh your bedroom this winter, try updating your headboard. Though it may seem like a big task, a DIY headboard is an inexpensive way to bring new colours and textures into your bedroom. To keep things simple, reupholster or paint the headboard with an updated fabric or colour. For the more daring DIYers, create a unique headboard out of repurposed wood, painted window shutters or even shelving units!

Image via Homedit

Give Cabinets a Facelift. We can’t forget the kitchen! Change things up with updated, polished cabinets. You don’t need an entirely new set of cabinetry to make a big impact in the kitchen. By simply repainting or staining your pre-loved cabinet doors, you can brighten the entire room while also giving it a more polished, modern look. Switching out the hardware on your cupboards and drawers can also do wonders in making a kitchen feel more modern. Bold, uniform hardware paired with the updated cabinets is sure to make a huge impact with minimal effort.

Image via Nina Hendrick

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